Because we love jewerelly so much and we are pretty sure you love them too, it is important to take proper care of your costume jewelry so that it will last as long as possible and be in the best condition.


Here's some tips to preserve your costume jewellery:


  • Keeping your jewerelly dry and clean is the key; If you're not using your jewel, please keep in a jewelry box or pouch.

  • Put on jewerelly after you have applied your perfume, lotion or makeup.

  • Water can hurt your plating! Don't swim in ocean, swimming pools or Jacuzzi. Always keep it dry and away from humidity.

  • Don't carry your plated jewel to the gym. Sweat can also damage your jewellery.

  • Be gentle and don't rub it too hard! Remove any dirty or dust that might have stuck to the jewellery after ever use. Use a dry cloth or a cotton ball only but never a jewerelly cleaner. You can restore the shine to the gold plated jewerelly by rubbing its surface.

  • Don't mix! Store similar jewerelly together, don't mix gold plated with silver since the different metals can cause each other to tarnish and wear of.